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Mouzalon Family

Author(s) : Makripoulias Christos (10/10/2005)
Translation : Korka Archonti

For citation: Makripoulias Christos, "Mouzalon Family ",
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Μουζάλωνες (22/2/2006 v.1) Mouzalon Family  (15/2/2007 v.1) 




The Mouzalon family was known in Byzantium since the 11th century. Members of the family held key posts in the Byzantine administration and society in the 12th century, while the family was in its prime in the 13th century, in the years of the Empire of Nicaea. The most famous members were the brothers George, Andronikos and Theodore. Since their childhood they were very close to Theodore II Laskaris and, after he assumed the throne in 1254, they held key posts in the Empire of Nicaea. Their conflict with the aristocratic families of the empire who were rallying around Michael Palaiologos led to the brothers being murdered at the monastery of Sosandra, on 25 August 1258.

Main Role

Officials, aristocrats

Date and Place of Death

14th century

Date and Place of Birth

11th century


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