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Mouzalon Family

Author(s) : Makripoulias Christos (10/10/2005)
Translation : Korka Archonti

For citation: Makripoulias Christos, "Mouzalon Family ",
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Μουζάλωνες (2/22/2006 v.1) Mouzalon Family  (2/15/2007 v.1) 

Chronological Table


11th century: Εmergence of the Mouzalon family.

first quarter of 13th c.: The Mouzalon brothers are born in Adramyttion.

1230s: George and Andronikos Mouzalon serve the Empire of Nicaea as companions of the yound successor Theodore Laskaris.

November 1254: George Mouzalon is proclaimed megas domestikos, Andronikos protovestiarios and Theodore protokynegos.

1255: George Mouzalon governs the Asia Minor territories of the Empire of Nicaea while the emperor is in Macedonia.

autumn 1255: George Mouzalon is proclaimed protosebastos, protovestiarios and megas stratopedarches, while Andronikos Mouzalon becomes the megas domestikos. They get married to members of the aristocracy.

spring 1256: The Mouzalon brothers accompany the emperor in his campaign against the Bulgarians in Thrace.

late Αugust 1258: George Mouzalon becomes the guardian of the underage Emperor John IV Laskaris.

25 Αugust 1258: The Mouzalon brothers are murdered at the monastery of Sosandra, near Magnesia.

15th century: Last reference to a member of the Mouzalon family.


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