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Mouzalon Family

Author(s) : Makripoulias Christos (10/10/2005)
Translation : Korka Archonti

For citation: Makripoulias Christos, "Mouzalon Family ",
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Μουζάλωνες (2/22/2006 v.1) Mouzalon Family  (2/15/2007 v.1) 



droungarios tou ploimou
("droungarios of the fleet") Commander of the byzantine fleet stationed Constantinople. Droungarios tou ploimou is first mentioned in the midle 9th C (Taktikon of Uspenski).

megas domestikos
Supreme military commander of the imperial army. High-ranking title which was generally given to close relatives of the emperor.

megas logothetes
The head of the civil Byzantine administration. Megas logothetes was a title used at the end of the 12th century during the reign of Isaac II Angelos (1185-1195), replacing the “logothetes ton sekreton”, an office which was created during the reign of Alexios I Komnenos (1081-1118) to bring the entire civil administration under the control of a single individual.

megas stratopedarches
Superior officer responsible for the provision of equipment and supplies for the military forces of the byzantine empire of Nicaea.

The first hunter in the court of byzantine emperor. The title/office is mentioned from the 13th C onward. Protokynegos was a head of hunters. This title was granted to several important personage, such as Theodore Mouzalon under Theodore II Laskaris.

Ηigh-ranking title usually bestowed upon close relatives of the emperor. The title was introduced by Alexios I Komnenos. In the 12th century it was awarded to close associates of the emperor and to members of aristocratic families, such as the Palaiologos, Tarchaneiotes, Raoul and Metochites families.

(and protovestiarites) Honorific title given to high-ranking officials and future emperors during this period. The protovestiarios was originally responsible for the imperial wardrobe, but in the 9th-11th centuries the holders of the title could command an army or conduct negotiations with foreign states.


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