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Sculpture in Constantinople

Author(s) : Bogdanović Jelena (3/4/2008)

For citation: Bogdanović Jelena , "Sculpture in Constantinople", 2008,
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Constantinople
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Sculpture in Constantinople (6/29/2007 v.1) Γλυπτική στην Κωνσταντινούπολη (6/29/2007 v.1) 



"Excellent Offerings": The Lausos Collection in Constantinople | Art Bulletin, The | Find Articles at BNET.com
Sarah Guberti Bassett
(Last visit: 31/3/2008)
S. Guberti Basset's article on the Lausus Collection of sculpture in Late antique Constantinople.

JSTOR - Historiae custos: Sculpture and Tradition in the Baths of Zeuxippos
S. Guberti Basset
(Last visit: 28/7/2008)
Αrticle on the ideology connected with the collections of sculpture in Constantinople.

Marble and Stoneworking in Byzantium, Seventh–Fifteenth Centuries
Jean-Pierre Sodini
(Last visit: 31/3/2008)
J.P. Sodini's article on byzantine sculpture in The Economic History of Byzantium.

Review: Sarah Bassett, The Urban Image of Late Antique Constantinople
R. Ousterhout
(Last visit: 27/8/2008)
Review of "The Urban Image of Late Antique Constantinople" by Sarah Bassett (Cambridge 2005), on the collections of ancient statuary in Late Antique Constantinople and their place in imperial ideology.


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